Behavioral Health Worker

The Behavioral Health Worker (BHW) provides therapeutic services to children within the School Therapeutic Services (STS) program. The BHW carries out specific behavioral management interventions identified in the treatment plan for the child (ren) or adolescent(s)...

Best Practices for Time Management

Do you struggle with time management?  To excel in time management, it’s all about balance and action: making plans, creating lists, setting goals, and most importantly, prioritizing.  Why should you have to bring home unfinished work at the end of the day or...

The Impact of Bullying on Children and Adults

“Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death amongst young people,” according to the CDC, which is an alarming statistic. The harsh reality is, bullying does not discriminate or have limitations.  While most of us think bullying is limited to children, teens &...


USMS Press Release:

U.S. Medical has expanded into the Greater Atlanta Market!
Our new office is now open in Atlanta, GA. 

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