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Best Practices for Time Management

Do you struggle with time management?  To excel in time management, it’s all about balance and action: making plans, creating lists, setting goals, and most importantly, prioritizing.  Why should you have to bring home unfinished work at the end of the day or over the weekend? With proper planning you can achieve more during work hours. The key is to create better time management techniques that work for you for a more productive work day. We are all wired differently, so not every idea, tip, or trick will work for everyone – but here is a starting point.

Good news… there are plenty of mobile apps available for free, or a minimum charge, that will help to implement better time management practices and help build better habits.

Follow this infographic guide of Powerful Productivity Tips, provided by the National Federation of Independent Business, and shorten your to-do list on your way to improved productivity.


For those of you that are connected to your smartphones, consider downloading an app and put your phone to work for you. Below are 4 helpful articles to top apps rated by the pros.

Don’t forget, when creating your To-Do lists, make sure the list is realistic, manageable, and larger projects are broken down into smaller tasks (shows progress).  Once your list is created – prioritize and set deadlines to keep you moving.  When tackling an item on the list, eliminate distractions by turning off email alerts and removing your cell phone from your work area.  The goal is to stay on focused on the task at hand to increase output.  Focus on what matters, establish routines, and stay inspired!  The product of your work will only be as good as your frame of mind at the time.

As a reminder, don’t forget to make time for yourself! It’s important to take breaks, clear your mind, and manage your stress. Here are a few meditation apps to help help manage stress along the way.