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Bringing in a New Career

The end of a calendar year can be joyous and nerve racking all in the same instance. Depending on your outlook, you can be gearing up for a strong year-end close, wrapping up last minute projects, or you can be anxiously awaiting a clean slate just around the corner.

In the staffing world, we know January can be a busy month as many company’s 2018 budgets kick in. Which means… HIRING! If your 2018 plan, resolution, or vision has you in a new career or job change, then let the team at USMS help you kick off the New Year right.

What can you do to prepare for the 2018 job market as a candidate?

  1. Know Your Goals

Making goals that are achievable is imperative when looking for a new career.  What better way is there to start the search for a new career other than setting New Year’s resolutions?  Psychology Today examines 10 ways on “How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Work for You.”  

  1. Update Your Resume

Recruiters contact you for job opportunities based on the experience & education you list on your resume.  Make sure to update those resumes with appropriate and accurate information!  Resumes might need to be altered per position you are applying for, but a good tip to remember: always list the year you completed your degree(s), and make sure to add months of employment with the years for each position!  

See tips for updating your current resume and also how to build a resume from scratch below. (A USMS recruiter will be more than happy to assist you in editing your resume too!)

Updating Your Resume

Building a Resume from Scratch

  1. Practice Interviewing

Interviewing can be daunting for some people, and if you haven’t been on many interviews before, or you’ve just graduated and are about to enter the work field, it can be really helpful to practice interviewing.  We’ve added some “dos & don’ts” for interviewing as well as possible questions your interviewer might ask.  To help with your interview preparation,take a look at these two Insight blogs below:

Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Knowing the Interview Questions

If you are a provider and need staff, we want to help – and we want to be your go-to for staffing! We have specialized contractors who are fully credentialed and ready for assignments. Let’s set a time to discuss your needs so we can introduce our best contractors for all of your staffing needs. Our candidates are available throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

Here is to a prosperous new career (and year)!