Location: West Covina, CA

Location Areas: West Covina, CA

Qualified Behavioral Modification Professional, BCBA, Behavioral Specialist

Position summary or overview: As a member of the ITS Program, the QBMP is qualified in a mental health profession, and possessed the clinical skills and experience to assess, plan, develop, coordinate and provide treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to program individuals with BH and IDD diagnosis (Dually Diagnosed) under the clinical supervision of the Program Director and Psychiatrist.. Have experience supervising non-clinical staff

– Doctoral PhD or Master’s Level Psychologist licensed in the state of practice or a licensed Master’s Level Therapist who holds a license in the state of practice.
– This may include: BCBA, LPC, LSW, LCSW, LICSW, or Licensed Behavioral Specialist where accepted
– The Behavioral Specialist must demonstrate through the interview process, knowledge and experience working with both individuals who have an intellectual disability as well as a serious mental illness; have knowledge and preferably be certified, in one of the established behavior modification techniques, such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) or Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) as well as have experience with EBP such as CBT and Trauma Informed Care; and have prior experience providing clinical supervision to non-clinical staff. BCBA preferred

General Responsibilities:
– Provide individual and group therapy; choosing applicable modalities according to individual needs and treatment plan
– Leads development and monitoring of the individual behavioral support interventions;
– Participates in the team meetings and additional consultation as needed
– Collects and evaluates behavioral data
– Observes the participant in various settings for the purpose of developing a behavior support plan
– Collaborates with the participant, their family, and their team for the purpose of developing a behavior support plan that must include positive practices
– Conducts comprehensive functional assessments of presenting issues
– Develops and maintains behavior support plans, which utilize positive strategies to support the participant, based on functional behavior assessments and may not include restraint procedures
– Conducts training related to the implementation of behavior support plans for the participant family members and staff
– Implements activities and strategies identified in the participant’s behavior support plan
– Monitors implementation of the behavior support plan, and revises as needed
– Collaborates with the participant, their family, and their team in order to develop positive interventions to address specific presenting issues
– Completes required paperwork related to data collection, progress reporting and development of planning material
– Provides on-going training to the program staff; in order to properly address the needs of the population being served
– Works collaboratively with the program’s psychiatric nurse, pharmacist, and psychiatrist to coordinate medication monitoring and adjustment
– Develops comprehensive goal plans in conjunction with individuals, team and family members
– Provides service delivery coordination, including coordinating and monitoring the activities of the individual’s treatment team
– Utilizes recovery based, person centered focus to develop, write implement, evaluate and revise as necessary, individual’s behavior support plan in collaboration with the Treatment Team
– Provides individual and group supportive interventions and symptom management ensuring that immediate changes in the treatment plan are made, as necessary
– Educates and supports individual’s families and advocate for the individual’s rights and preferences
– Conducts comprehensive assessments
– Documents individual’s progress while maintaining a permanent record of individual’s activity in accordance with policies and regulations
– Provides treatment, rehabilitation and support services in conjunction with other team members and with direction from staff with specialty training
– Provides crisis intervention strategies as required
– Participates in daily organizational staff meetings and treatment planning meetings
– Performs other related duties as assigned or required
– Participates in cross training with other specialists as deemed necessary by supervisor

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