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Recruiting Process

Our Process Works for You

When we receive your order, we immediately go to work on your behalf. We begin by making sure that we fully understand the specifications of your mental or behavioral health position.

Open Positions

When an order is placed, our recruiters will inquire about the skills, equipment, experience, required duties, hours, and duration of each assignment. The tone, nature, dynamics of your department, and your staff are extremely important to us.

Turnaround Time

Immediately upon receiving your request, we begin reviewing our database for availability. We provide a status update of availability within a few hours and remain in regular contact with your facility until the order is successfully filled.

Candidate Information

Once an appropriate candidate is selected, we submit a complete clinical profile to you. Upon approval, he or she is scheduled and a confirmation of the assignment is sent to you.

Service Checks

Throughout the assignment, periodic telephone calls are made to monitor the contractor’s performance and your satisfaction. We will call you on the first day of the assignment to confirm the arrival and acceptability of the new candidate. Finally, upon completion of the assignment, we will ask you to provide feedback, enabling you to grade us by providing valued feedback about our service.