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Updating Your Resume

Suggested Resume Content for Mental & Behavioral Health Applicants

As a mental & behavioral health (MBH) job applicant, the thought of writing a resume can be quite daunting! For many it’s difficult to know where to start and to what to include. As a MBH professional there are often additional responsibilities, certifications and skills relevant to getting hired that are not addressed on typical resume blogs. Below you will find a comprehensive list of questions to help you come up with relevant content to include on your resume.

Information to Include on Mental & Behavioral Health Resumes


  • Be sure to have current contact information including the best phone number(s) to reach you and your email address. It is important to double check that this information is correct.
  • Consider adding to your cover letter or introduction email the best time and method to reach you for the best response.


  • In reverse chronological order list your full work history including: company, dates of employment (month/year) and job title.
  • Under each work experience include a description. The description usually is in bullet form and highlights your accomplishments in that role.
  • If using bullets it is best to start with an ‘action verb’ (such as implemented, utilized, managed, supervised, etc.) rather than writing ‘responsible for’.
  • Not sure what to include? See our list of questions below and remember to think about the job you are looking to land – which skills are transferable and most relevant.
  • When listing an accomplishment be sure to include metrics if you can.


  • Including relevant skills you have acquired is even more important today as computer software often reads resumes to look for various ‘keywords’ aka skills.
  • It is important to mention your skill but do not only use abbreviations, write out the abbreviation at least once on the resume.
  • In the mental health field it is important to share personal character traits and work style; this can be included at the bottom of the resume.

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